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Limited Edition Giclee print of an original acrylic painting on canvas. Printed with receptive pigment inks on acid-free hahnemule William Turner 190 gsm paper. There is a 3" margin around the image and a 4" margin at the bottom for the artist's signature and number. On the far left corner of the stock is the artist's embossed stamp that is applied after signing. Certificate of Authenticity and limited edition provided by the artist. Limited edition of 200. Image size is 12''H x 18''W. Dimensions refer to paper size.

​Reams arrived at Abstract Expressionism as a means to break free of his figurative representation. Reams experimented with an old Bell-Opticon enlarger to project some of his small mixed media studies in larger scale. After that he made a leap toward his road to abstraction. Large-scale compositions of energetic, dramatic gestures in which wide swaths of paint was thrust across the canvas. For many, even these works of complete abstraction still evoke figural references (to human figures, various landscapes, or other referents). Reams' work, so apparently spontaneous and impulsive in its emphasis on highly dramatic gestural brushstrokes, is, in fact, carefully considered. The sweeps and rapid brushings of both thick and diluted paint are the product of much consideration and meditation. He often draws inspiration for large compositions from his small studies created several years ago. As Reams comments" a painting momentarily stops, only to resume again on another surface".

​Dimensions: 19" H x 24" W $250.00

Paintings Created From The Studies

​Changing Forms



Grace Of The Wild



South Beach Miami

​Wall of Seperation


​Legend of the Sea People

Broken Hearts and Unkept Promises

Spring of Solace


​Remembering Pinball


​Wave of Change

​Sands of Mars

Purple Haze

​Return of the Bird Tribes

​Leaving Eden

The Storm

​Traveler's Wind

​Celtic Strands

​The Surge

​Ghost Dancer

​Heart Song

​Inner Light


​Sugar Gum Fly

​Light Under Water


The Gulf Is Crying Tears of Oil

                     Study in Gold and Blue


              Pool of Unconscious Thought


​Changing Moments

                         ​Sugar Dust Sunday

​First Light


                            ​Garden Spirit


​Changing Forms