​​Thanks for visiting my website and feel comfortable enough to text me or message me for a quick response on any question you may have. I work with several companies internationally that market my work but I also love working one on one with gallery owners and designers. Customizing your needs with your clients is what it's all about, so pick up the phone and lets create some great art together.                                                                                                  All The Best Ron D. Reams                                      

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R DREAMS studios

“Many people refer to me as an action painter. I paint as an artist with a physical and emotional approach which is an essential part of my finished works.”

“My process, sometimes involves splashing using gestural brushstrokes and dripping paint onto my canvas rather than carefully applying it as I did with my traditional earlier works.”

“I choose to explore the energy of my art in a sculptural way, building layer upon layer, color upon color.This visceral interpretation aligns with my intent to always paint in the moment, allowing the paint, the emotion, and the energy of the painting to direct what happens on the work itself.”

“In the late nineties, I began putting vignettes of drawings and paintings together. I then built fifteen foot panels of these fragments, creating the equivalent of abstract collage. These large scale pieces reflects my search for a non-routine way of painting. This new media approach paved the way for the works that followed, as I always try to carve out a distinct artistic style of my own. I hope you enjoy my latest work.”

The artist began his formal education at Ringling School of Arts but credits his mentors - David Anderson, Edgar Miller, and William Pachner - as the nuclei of his expression. Each brought his own specific influence and, as a result, inspired Reams' artistic candor. These three advisors allowed Reams to strive beyond the archetypal classroom education, thus focusing on actualizing his own style.

Collections & Selected Exhibitions & Awards

Elton John’s - Private Collection 

Ted Kennedy - Private Collection

Barbra Walters - Private Collection

International Print Competition, London,UK, Pallas Gallery, 1998

Art 88 International Art Expo, Los Angeles,Ca., J.Paul Getty Museum, 1988

National Trust Art Exhibition, Cornwall UK, Cotehele Quay Galleries, 1996

Annual Portfolio of Contemporary Painters, London,UK, Richard Joslin Galleries, 1996

Contemporary Painters Award Competition , St.Ives, Cornwall ,UK, Salthouse Gallery, 1998


Art in Embassies Program, US Department of States Building, Washington DC, 1993

Sony Collection, Sony Corporate Office, Atlanta, Georgia, 2000

Kennedy Center Collection , The Kennedy Center, Washington DC, 1997

Reebock Corporate Art Collection, Reebock Corporate Offices, Atlanta, Georgia, 1991

Americana Collection, The Whitehouse, Washington DC, 2007Type your paragraph here.